What we do

We Make AI work for finance

Unleash institutional knowledge and automate operations.

AI for finance is all we do.

We put cutting-edge Gen AI systems in your hands, in a way that never compromises privacy or safety.


Bespoke solutions, such as fine-tuned Copilots tailored to individual business needs


Secure deployment and IP and proprietary data safeguards.

AI Agents

Building digital remote workers for unprecedented productivity.


Automating routine finance operations.


Deploying securely in your private cloud.


Configuring role based access controls.


Fine-tuning and training of Large Language Models (LLMs) for optimal performance & sovereign AI.

Human controlled AI

Let’s avoid a Skynet future. We prioritize privacy and human alignment, so you can multiply your business without fear of the robots taking over. 

How we save the humans:

  • Human aligned
  • Unleash human creativity
  • Take AGI safety seriously

Custom generative AI solutions for finance

Our focus is high impact implementations that give businesses an unfair advantage. 


We help you identify and focus on big strategic opportunities with private and secure AI solutions to help dramatically reduce costs or increase productivity.


We build integrations, plug-ins, frameworks, and plumbing into the tools your business is already using every day.

Autonomous AI Agents

We build digital worker systems integrating LLMs and Agents to free your finance operations from repetitive tasks, reduce offshore labor, and unlock productivity and efficiencies.


(not so secret) 

R&D lab

Increasingly the worlds of analog and digital are merging. This is why we created our R&D lab; to help our customers create the next generation of products and technologies that will move us forward.


Here you’ll find CNC machines, welders, 3D printers, electronics and microchips and a workshop for R&D. We encourage our team to stay curious and tinker.

Mavericks only

We’re making big moves. Come save humanity and get paid doing it.Let's Chat

Hire humans

We’ll help you gain an unfair advantage with generative AI, safely.Apply

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